Inaugural Day Ceremony and Tickets

Inauguration Day: Finding Tickets

As a resident of Washington D.C. for the last twenty seven years, I have been blessed to have been immersed in the culture and history of our great nation.  Sure the traffic and the high cost of living are major issues here, but, in my opinion, there is no better city in the United States to witness history being made every day.  Having lived through the terms of eight U.S. presidents, I have also been fortunate enough to have been present in this city during the historic events surrounding several presidential inaugurations.  Trust me when I tell you that there is no moment, other than perhaps the moon landing, when you will be prouder to be an American than when you see the newly elected president being sworn in to office.  To see the outpouring of support for our next Commander-in-Chief on what is typically a cold, wintery, morning in the city is nothing short of incredible.

Every time I watch the swearing in ceremony for the new president I feel chills crawl up my spine.  The grandeur of the event is amplified when you realize that, in additional to the newly elected president and his family, members of Congress, Supreme Court justices, and even former presidents are also in attendance with the general public.  Finding swearing in ceremony tickets, or even inaugural parade tickets is no easy task though, as they are snatched up very quickly by an eager public who also wants to bear witness to these historic occasions.  With modern technology, these tickets are available online on a first-come first-served basis.  If you truly want to witness this piece of history for yourself, you should investigate when the tickets will be released online and then make every effort to get them.  Seeing this event in person is something you will never forget.


Huay Kaew Hotel Chiang Mai

Close to the Action in Chiang Mai, Thailand

Huay Kaew

My friends, who are all self-confessed travel junkies, suggested that the next time I’m in Chiang Mai, Thailand, instead of booking an expensive hotel; I should instead look in to renting a serviced apartment.  After doing a bit of research online, I realized that it is actually a really good idea to get a place that is both a hotel and an apartment, such as the Huay Kaew Hotel and Residence.

Not only is this a much more affordable option than many of the pricey hotels in the area, rental apartments typically offer great services such as cleaning, laundry, pools, kitchens, microwaves, internet service, among many others.  With most rental apartments located very close to popular tourist destinations as well as the bustling downtown district, you will be only minutes away from the sights and experiences that are on your “must do” list in Chiang Mai.


Get the Right Custom Night Guard for Teeth Grinding

Night Guard For Teeth Grinding

Instead of damaging your teeth by failing to treat your teeth grinding health condition, why not choose the right custom night guard for teeth grinding? When you select the right product, you’ll gain access to the kind of care that stops teeth grinding while you sleep. Wearing a safe, protective mouth guard at night will allow you to sleep restfully, without grinding your teeth (teeth grinding damages your teeth and overworks your jaw muscles) sometimes referred to as bruxism.

If you know that you grind your teeth, you suffer from a health condition known as Bruxism, and you need the right mouth guard to stop the problem. However, the mouth guards sold by dentists cost a bundle, so you may want to find more affordable options that can be ordered at a reasonable cost from online retailers.

One of the best and most affordable custom night guards is available from This custom brand is designed to tackle mild, moderate or severe teeth grinding without obstructing breathing or causing any discomfort whatsoever. Available in three different styles to suit your individual needs, these stellar mouth guard products cost hundreds of dollars less than those produced by dentists, yet offer exactly the same fit and quality.

An Easy Singapore Personal loan

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