Grey Hat SEO

What is grey hat seo?

For one, grey hat seo is what this post is. Confusing is it? Grey hat seo is a method of influencing the search engine rankings by mimicking ranking factors that the search engines use as signs of authority, and signs of content deserving to rank.

In this case, this post is supposed to mimic some legitimate content (which it actually is), and then link back to a website using the anchor texts “grey hat seo” or something similar (to prevent penguin penalties of course).

So… just what is the definition? Glad you asked. I’ll explain.

  1. White Hat SEO:
    White hat seo is basically natural seo. NOT artificially building links is a good example:
  2. Grey Hat :
    Well that is what this is obviously.
  3. Black Hat:
    This is actually bad stuff. It usually involves hacking peoples sites. I’m not a fan of hurting others.  
So there you have it, a simple definition of the white, the grey, and the black hats of SEO. I hope this helps, and I hope Matt Cutts does not see this. Or does this count as a real post? Not sure either way Matt, but keep up the good work mate!