Amazon Rank Tracker – Tracking Amazon Keywords

An Amazon Rank Tracker For Tracking Keywords And Sales Rank

There has finally been a new app developed to help users track their sales rank and keywords inside of the Amazon search engine. You can read about this Amazon rank tracker here or read the full forum post about the Amazon rank tracker.

This product tracks keywords in both the Kindle store, and the general store. It tracks sales rank, keyword placements, has a built in Amazon keyword tool to generate new keyword ideas, and finally has a new Amazon SEO software to help increase rankings. Try it out today!
There is also now a new Amazon SEO Tool that was just released:

Grey Hat SEO

What is grey hat seo?

For one, grey hat seo is what this post is. Confusing is it? Grey hat seo is a method of influencing the search engine rankings by mimicking ranking factors that the search engines use as signs of authority, and signs of content deserving to rank.

In this case, this post is supposed to mimic some legitimate content (which it actually is), and then link back to a website using the anchor texts “grey hat seo” or something similar (to prevent penguin penalties of course).

So… just what is the definition? Glad you asked. I’ll explain.

  1. White Hat SEO:
    White hat seo is basically natural seo. NOT artificially building links is a good example:
  2. Grey Hat :
    Well that is what this is obviously.
  3. Black Hat:
    This is actually bad stuff. It usually involves hacking peoples sites. I’m not a fan of hurting others.  
So there you have it, a simple definition of the white, the grey, and the black hats of SEO. I hope this helps, and I hope Matt Cutts does not see this. Or does this count as a real post? Not sure either way Matt, but keep up the good work mate!

The Beginning of the End

How will the world meet its eventual demise? Will the Earth suddenly find itself in the path of a massive comet? Will we destroy ourselves in the next World War or will a massive earthquake rip apart the foundations of the surface of our planet? As we find ourselves rapidly approaching the end of the year 2012, the frequency and creativity of gloom and doom predictions are evolving daily. One of the most obvious signs that apocalyptic thoughts have entered the mainstream is the widespread appearance of individuals who call themselves doomsday preppers. Preppers are, by definition, preparing themselves and their families for an event that could shake the foundations of modern society. Although some preppers may take their innate survival instinct to the extreme, most realize the vital importance of understanding the basic principles of survival when, or if, our society ceases to exist.

Lamps Have A Secret Electrical Symbol? Really?

Homeschooling your children is a rewarding and challenging endeavor. From reading classic literature to building up mathematical skills to learning how to identify the call of a chickadee – as a homeschooling parent you must embrace creativity. Practical projects that are based in the home can be portals to increased knowledge of physics and even basic project management! This article will show you, step by step, how to introduce your young students to electrical symbols and plans. This project works well for ages 7 and up. Let the learning begin!


Take Out Your Sketch Pads

The first part of this practical project is selecting a room to sketch. The kitchen is usually a great place to choose, as there are appliances and lots of lights and electrical outlets. You should instruct your student to include all windows, doors, appliances, and cupboards in the drawing. Sketching is a challenge for some kids and a breeze for others – adjust time accordingly.


The Sherlock Holmes of Energy Sources

Kids love to investigate – making a list of all of the energy sources in the selected room will plug into that impulse. Of course, make sure that you double-check their work so that the final work product is accurate!


The Case of the Missing Electrical Symbols

Electrical symbols are simply pictograms that have become commonly accepted, over time, to represent things like lamps or motors. An imaginative exercise can be used here; have the students draw an electrical symbol for each different element on their list. Stress that the electrical symbol should be as simple as possible. You will be no doubt enchanted with the pictograms they conjure up.


Reality Rears Its Head

Now that your students have happily created pictograms for their list of energy sources, send them off to research. You can have them look up basic electrical symbols like “lamp” or “motor” or “buzzer” on the Internet. Having them at least attempt the research themselves will build their confidence in this skill. When they have hit the research wall, step in and offer a worksheet. You can create your own or download one from an educational site on the Internet. Here is a list of the names of electrical symbols suitable for this age group:

  • Cell
  • Battery
  • Lamp
  • Buzzer
  • Motor
  • Push switch
  • Open switch
  • Closed switch
  • Resistor
  • Variable resistors
  • Wires
  • Where Wires Meet


Show-and-Tell Time

A practical way of introducing unfamiliar vocabulary is to show physical example of each word in your home. Be prepared for lots of questions!


Sketching in Symbols

When you have determined that the young minds have absorbed the basic ideas behind each symbol, it is time to have them sketch in (using pencil!) the electrical symbols on their drawings. Matching up the symbols with the physical energy sources in the room will prove a challenge. Explaining clearly that the process should take a few tries will reduce any pressure or stress.



The students will be left with a physical drawing, a basic electrical diagram which will serve very as a basis for further lessons related to electronics and electrical symbols. This should have the teacher beaming!





How To Deal With Hearing Loss

Who to see when hard of hearing

For most of us, reading these words will get more difficult as we grow older – but for some, it’s hearing them that becomes a problem. Hearing loss affects a fair proportion of elderly Americans, and is an irreversible process. That’s not to say there’s no hope for those who believe they’re beginning to suffer from impaired hearing, however.

Hearing Loss Specialists

hearing loss

The first step is, of course, to see a doctor. To make things easier on yourself, the best course of action is to see your family practitioner. In many cases, earwax buildup is responsible for impeding sound resolution. If they find that the problem is more serious, however, they’ll typically refer you to an ENT — an ear, nose, and throat specialist, who will work with you to determine the best course of action. However the consultation turns out, remember that a growing number of youth and a good third of senior citizens suffer from some sort of hearing loss — you’re certainly not alone!

If after this you still feel like you are needing some help with finding hearing aids, check out our hearing aids reviews page on our site. If you have ringing in the ears you can visit this Amazon page for a tinnitus treatment that is natural.

If you have any questions always feel free to send us a message on our contact page.


African Mud Cloth As Clothing

Displaying and Wearing Mud Cloth

Ask any dealer who specializes in providing high quality African art what their most widely requested pieces are, and they will undoubtedly tell you that African Mud Cloth is, without comparison, the most highly sought after item on the world art market today.  This cloth is not only sought after for its beauty, but also for its rarity.  Each piece is painstakingly hand crafted with unique material and created to tell a story of life in the local villages across Mali.

Although the mud cloth is often sold to be worn as clothing, it can be easily framed and displayed on a wall as a beautiful tapestry with a unique story.  What a conversation piece! Worn as a dress or scarf, this cloth will complement any wardrobe and provide rich textured earth tones.  Additionally, it can also be made into women’s handbags and even men’s wallets.


How to Buy Adrafinil

If you need dependable, effective treatment for narcolepsy or obstructive sleep apnea, choosing to buy adrafinil may help you to enjoy better health and improved quality of life. This prescription medication works by stimulating the brain and body and overriding the fatigue and mental fog that are characteristic of obstructive sleep apnea and narcolepsy. People who suffer from serious depressive health conditions, such as clinical depression, may also find that adrafinil helps to relieve their symptoms and to give them a new lease on life. Like all prescription medications, this drug is not right for everyone.

Only your family doctor is qualified to decide whether or not you will gain benefits from a course of treatment with Adrafinil. Before you buy adrafinil online, be certain to check out Web-based pharmacies carefully to see which one is better; Adrafinil vs Armodafinil vs Modafinil. The best online pharmacies will be reputable, trustworthy, and devoted to offering their valued clientele great service, affordable shipping rates, and superior, authentic products.

Crossfit Clothing Review

Review of different types of crossfit clothing:

Our crossfit clothing review is tailor-made to provide you with some excellent apparel options for your intense crossfit workouts. The best styles for men include body-conscious compression shorts with flat, smooth seams that will never leave you with painful chafing. Search for styles crafted from breathable fabrics, such as CoolMax, that are designed to wick away sweat as you feel the burn.

Women may select form-fitting Lycra or Coolmax workout pants or shorts for a sexy, sleek look that is still one hundred percent functional. Tops for men and women include nylon tank tops in tight or loose styles and soft cotton t-shirts that give a classic, old-school workout look. For warm-ups or outdoor workouts, hoodies emblazoned with crosffit logos or kettle bell insignias offer personalized style. Of course, subtle and refined crossfit clothing review details show that clothing without logos or graphics is also available. Colors and styles of crossfit clothing vary, and most styles are available in a wide range of sizes of crossfit shoes to suit every Crossfit aficionado

kyle leon review

Kyle Leon Muscle maximizer review

Kyle Leon has come up with a very effective program called the Somanabolic Muscle Maximizer Program. Kyle Leon is a qualified and experienced body building coach and nutritionist and Leon is a macho himself. Kyle Leon understands the problems faced by beginner builders and has designed the program specifically to help the beginners.

kyle leon

So what is The Kyle Leon Somanabolic Muscle Maximizer and How to build a muscle using it?

Well Kyle Leon Muscle Maximizer is no magic health supplement. It is simple Excel based software wherein the user’s personal details like name, age, sex, height, weight, and body type are asked. For people who are not sure of their body types can refer to the help catalogue provided along with the product. The program works on the principle that a proper diet is essential along with workouts.
This program will then generate a diet plan of easily available food materials that one should consume to build nice muscles. The most advantageous part of the diet plan is that it is specifically designed based on your body type and is bound to produce results.
At present the program is available at a price of $47 online. A proper kyle leon review will tell you that this is a good program. Along with the base product there are four bonuses also provided in the form of weight training, supplementation, 7 days out and unlimited upgrade packages. While all the bonuses are useful but the 7 days out program is bound to help you gain 10 to 20 pounds of muscles within a week.
Not only this the product comes with a 60 day money back guarantee wherein if you are unsatisfied by the results you will be repaid entire amount on the spot.
With the high success rates achieved by the program many fitness based corporations are trying to buy the rights of the program and soon the program will be available only in fitness centers at four times the present price.

What You Need to Know about High Risk Life Insurance Quotes

Life Insurance Quotes For High Risk Clients

High risk life insurance quotes are used to give prospective policyholders realistic information about exactly how much this specialized form of life insurance will cost. When buying insurance of this type, you’ll pay higher premiums that you would for conventional term life insurance or permanent life insurance. The reason for the discrepancy in premiums is due to the fact that people who seek out high risk life insurance are commonly at greater risk for death, due to their lifestyles, careers, or pre-existing health conditions.

For example, a commercial pilot or stunt pilot will need to browse through high risk life insurance quotes in order to find the right level of coverage and the most affordable premiums (since a pilot won’t qualify for typical life insurance). Likewise, a person with diabetes or another serious medical challenge, such as a heart condition, will need to use high risk life insurance quotes to seek out deals on high risk insurance.

Any person with a lifestyle that puts them at greater risk for accidental death (or death due to a medical condition) is a prime candidate for high risk life insurance policies. Typically, people who’ve been turned down time and time again for conventional life insurance will end up seeking out high risk life insurance instead. This is the one form of life insurance that almost anyone (including smokers and skydivers) may be approved for.

Get Pricing and Policy Information with High Risk Life Insurance Quotes

Without these free online quote calculators, the process of comparison shopping for high risk life insurance becomes very difficult and extraordinarily long-winded. Without online calculators (or email services that send out free quotations within a short time frame), people who need high risk life insurance will have to do their own homework and research. Typically, this process will require extensive contact with local insurance agents.

Therefore, utilizing these handy, Web-based tools will be a wonderful way to get the pricing and policy feature information that you need. Once you’ve used high risk life insurance quotes to compare policies and prices, you’ll have a more accurate idea of just how much this pricier form of life insurance really costs. Some people will find premiums for this sort of insurance to be out of reach; however, for others, the cost of high risk life insurance will be an investment in the future financial security of their beneficiaries. Giving dependents or other loved ones access to money in the event of your passing is caring, compassionate and generous.

Why Not Find Your Own High Risk Life Insurance Quotes Today?

Now that you understand a bit more about high risk life insurance and the way that high risk life insurance quotes may be used to compare policies and prices, you may want to try online quote calculators out for yourself such as the one found at Rest assured that most major insurance companies offer these calculators on the home pages of their official websites. If you can’t find calculators, simply email an insurance company asking for a quote. The best companies will respond to requests for free, high risk life insurance quotes within forty-eight hours.